Training With Us at CrossFit Shine

At CrossFit Shine, we specialize in CrossFit and offer the following services:


CrossFit group classes combine gymnastics, weightlifting and cardiovascular components. Workouts are measured by criteria such as time, weight lifted and repetitions. CrossFit Shine's programmed workouts are always designed to allow customization based on the clients strength and skill level.

Elements Course

This course is designed for anyone who has no prior CrossFit experience or knowledge. The Elements course is mandatory for any individual who wants to train in our CrossFit group classes.  The course meets for two classes over one week.  During the one-hour class the client will, along with other beginners, be working with Lee, a certified coach, who will safely expose you to the basic movement techniques of CrossFit.  Each class will end with a workout involving the movements that were taught in class.

Kids Fitness

These fun 45-minute group classes are designed for children ages 6-12.  Each class is designed to build strength, coordination, and confidence — and to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Training

These sessions will provide additional one-on-one guidance and will be a great opportunity to focus on the areas of interest that are unique to each client.

Mobility & Skill Specific Workshops

CrossFit Shine hosts mobility and skill specific workshops that will additionally educate and improve our members’ skills.